Our Serval Stud

Meet Django our Domesticated African Serval Stud!

Hi! My name is Django - The 'D' is silent!

I was born on March 21, 2014. – My name means "I awake".

I weigh around 40 lbs. right now... but my papa is a whopping 42lbs! So I am catching up to him... watch me continue to grow!!!

Don't let my cuteness fool you... I may look a lot like my cousins... the cheetahs ... but I do have some spunk in me... I wake up and go, go, go, go... run all over, climbing, jumping, getting into everything I possibly can imagine. Everything new to me, I just have to check it out. I am full of energy... give me a big toy or playmate and I am good. But when my energy tank runs low, I don't waste anytime to take a quick nap. I stop and drop into a deep sleep instantly. But when I awake... watch out, here I come!!!

As for being a breeding stud - I'm not sure what they are talking about... but Eric put these girls in with me as playdates, not sure about the meaning of that either? Then I hear that I will be producing F1 Savannahs... whatever, I just want to play! I am still a STUD!!!

As for my appetite... I eat raw ground chicken necks, turkey necks, turkey organs, chicken legs (I like the drumsticks, bone and all), duck, pheasant, shrimp, cod, rats and rabbit. I don't care too much for that canned stuff or dry food the others eat and I'm glad that Eric doesn't make me eat it. No junk food for this Serval!

Here are some pictures of my modeling days the summer 2015. Kate was so much fun shooting with... Now I am building my portfolio, so more beautiful models to come!

A message to all you photographers out there, if you would like to feature me in one of your photo shoots, I'm your huckleberry, that's just my game! contact my agent by emailing info@silverlakesavannahs.com.

Serval Photoshoot Friends Serval Photoshoot


Interested in adopting an F1 Savannah from me?

We have an application process and waiting list. Please email us for more information.

Django - Domsiticated Serval

Django - Domsiticated Serval Kitten standing tall

Serval Photoshoot  Legs


Our Savannah Stud


Meet Kojo our F5 "SBT" Savannah Stud!

Hi! My name is Kojo!

I was born on February 7, 2011. – My name means "Born On Monday". Yeah... I am a big boy with an awesome personality. However, I don't like too many other male cats much, but give me some females and I will give you awesome kittens!

I love a good belly rub! I love to be around everyone. Give me that attention, I don't mind.

I am full Savannah, I am crazy about water and love to play in it. My owner doesn't like it when I mix my litter with my water... what is the big deal, it is fun... like a mud puddle.

I've got awesome exotic spots, Large ears, the big paws , long legs, excellent body weight, and full of energy. People stare at me all the time as say weird things like, “What is that! He is very cool lookin and very WILD LOOKIN” ?.... whatever, obviously they've just never seen ‘studliness’ that I am full of!

Speaking of stud - All the gals love me! We produce some very awesome kittens, so be sure to check out my kids on the kittens page. They are amazing, like me!


Kojo - F5 Savannah Stud

Kojo1 - F5 Savannah Stud napping



All our Studs are TICA Registered

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