Our Savannah Queens

Meet Raziya our F3 "B" Savannah Queen!

Hi, my name is Razy for short!

I’m an awesome Savannah girl. I have all the spunk and skills of any F1, or serval for that matter, AND I have a wonderful exotic look to me! My name means - "Good-natured or Friendly" and I am 19% all that of a Serval, that's for sure.

I often beg to be walked on my leash with Django, shhhhhh, he is my boyfriend and it is a secret right now! He has not figured that out just yet.

I love people so come and see me or if you are at the park when I go, I will come see you!!! But I am not a big cuddler unless it is on my own terms.

I love the water, especially when we walk to Silver Lake... I jump in!

I have awesome kiddos. Their marketings and typiness of the Serval are out of this world!. Keep watching the website's Kittens page, you will see my kittens.

Razy - F3 Savannah Cat 04 Razy - F3 Savannah Cat 03


Razy - F3 Savannah Cat 01

Razy - F3 Savannah Cat 02

Razy - F3 Savannah Cat & Django Serval


Meet Husani our Egyptian Mau "SBT" Princess!

Hi! My name is Husani!

I was born on May 16, 2015. Yes, I may be young, but I am getting bigger everyday. I am born from a Championship line so cat shows, here I come and watch out!!! Both my mom and dad hold numerous titles unlike no other Egyptian Mau's.

I am the most loving you will ever find. I love to be held, hugged, cuddled, pet and the list goes on...

Us Egyptian Maus were bred back in the way early years when the Egyptians had us roaming the palace to keep the rodents in control. We come from an African or wild cat outcross, but that was over 5000 years ago that no one has been able to trace it back to our wild outcross.

We have a very unique worried look with our gooseberry green eyes, they are so captivating. Did you know, we are the fastest domestic cat around reaching up to 35 mph. We have this extra flabby part just in-front of our hind legs that gives us that extra stretch in a full out sprint. We are short, but pack a big punch. Like the Savannahs, we have similar spots and WILD LOOKIN” ?....

Speaking of princess - I am so beautiful that my mommy wanted me to be a pet and not have kittens, so I am just as my mommy wants.

I am going to cat shows and getting my status or I should say reputation. Hopefully I might see you out there.

Husani - Egyptian Mau Cat Show & Lilah Husani - Egyptian Mau Cat Show 2


Husani - Egyptian Mau

Husani - Egyptian Mau Cat Show 1

Husani - Egyptian Mau Cat Show Winner



All our Queens are TICA Registered

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