Our Savannah Kittens

Kitten Born January 10, 2017!!!

Kitten is SOLD - Levenworth, WA!

email us with questions - see details below:

Razya's F4 SBT Savannah Male Kitten January 2017
F4 SBT Savannah Male Kitten January 2017

Kitten Details:

  • Kitten is already Nuetered
  • Kitttn's microchipped has been administered
  • Kitten has completed all his 1st year vaccinations
  • Kitten has been certified Healthy by our Vet
  • Litter is registered with TICA.
  • Comes with registration to register in new owners name
  • We have a kitten kit that comes with the kitten (full of information)
  • Started pack sent home with kitten with food & litter
  • Comes with a 1 year health guarantee
  • Kitten is :

    This kitten is full of personality. He craves attention. Unlike most high percentage Savannahs, this little guy loves to be held. He follows you around the house and always wanting to be highly involved in what you are doing. He loves talking to you. His favorite spot for kitten naps in right in your lap, shoulders, arms, or however close he can get to you. He is not big on being left alone which gives him that crave for attention. He loves sleeping with you at night. He is very amazing. He is a kitten with the most personality over all our past litters. He will make the new owners very, very, very happy.

    The Mother

    Razya - F3 "C" Savannah

    19% Serval

    Razya - F3 "C" Svannah


    The Father

    Kojo - F5 "SBT" Savannah

    11% Serval

    Kojo - F5 Savannah "SBT" Exotic cat


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