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    • Wow! What kind of a cat is that?
    • Look at how huge that cat is!
    • Can I pet it? Is it dangerous?
    • Is that an Ocelot or a Bengal?
    • That is a very large cat!
    • What a pretty cat and you walk it on a leash? I want one!

These are just a few of the questions and comments we encounter when people see our Serval and Savannahs. They certainly turn heads and quickly become the center of attention.

If you made it this far reading, chances are... you want to know more about these very loving, exotic, caring and awesome pets. First you may need to know more about how this breed came about and what all the F1, F2, and so on... means. So we encourage you to check out our "Savannahs" page. There you will find out a lot more about the Savannah Cat breed, how they came about, their temperament, how they may fit in your family and price ranges you can expect to see when looking to adopt a Savannah.

PRICING: How much is a Savannah? You will find the Prices in the chart at the bottom of the "Savannahs" page.

Should you be interested in owning one of these special cats, check out our current or expecting litters on the "Kittens" page. You can find many pictures from the past to most recently on our Online Gallery located at "http://photos.silverlakesavannahs.com".

To see the Big boyz, or know more about the studs for our Queens that make this all happen, check out our "Studs" page. The females are located on our "Queens" page.

Don't forget to peek at the "Gallery" full of pictures that have accumulated over the years of all our catz.

Should you be looking for supplies, kennels, or effective methods for setting up your home to be more Savannah friendly, visit our "Associations" page. There you will find partners and recommended products. With countless hours of researching the internet, store, eBay, you name it... we have found the most cost saving ways and vendors. We have made them available to you on the "Associations" page.

We would like to Thank Dale & Holly Hummel of Select Exotics. Four of our cats are from Select Exotic's (Kali, Juma, Kojo, and Raziya). Thank you Dale & Holly for continuing to assist us, not only by supplying our first Savannahs, but with mentoring our Cattery to start on the right foot to becoming the Pacific Northwest's most reputable breeder of Savannah cats. We extend the pride and care in success of exotic feline breeding that Select Exotic's has taught us to love and respect.

Another HUGE thank you to Patrick Kelly for the mentoring as we embark on Serval ownership and the growth of our reputable Savannah program. BIG thanks for the assistance of getting us recognized through his marketing efforts on his Savannah Cats site and advertising. Patrick supports magazines like Cat Fancy.

Finally, our awesome Canadian friends of B.C., Canada. We are delighted to be apart of the Serval community there in B.C. You can see many of our Canadian serval owners on our Serval page at the Christmas party.

Thank you for visiting,

Eric Stefanik

Kittens Available

Django - The Serval Stud

Kojo - Savannah stud male

Raziya F3 Savannah Girl

Cyrus the Serval